Don’t let frustration get the best of you. Find the root problem. See if God is using frustration to call you to change a problem situation, or calling you to change your heart.


Everyone needs inspiration at one point or another. We need the encouragement, stimulation, push forward... At times I am a purely selfish person. I seek after inspiration, encouragement, motivation. (Don’t we all?) When I don’t get it, or can’t find it, I struggle. I admit this is one of my weaknesses. So, in an effort [...]

Not Listening…

We are masters of not listening and shutting others off. Let’s determine to listen when others come in love to turn us back towards Christ and away from sin.

Be the leader – communicate change.

Communication is an important aspect of encouraging change in others, and having others encourage change in us. Communication is necessary. Let’s be diligent to improve our skills and function out of a heart of love in order to effect spiritual change in the lives of those we minister to.

A word about homeschooling.

No. Homeschooling is not my typical topic of conversation in a blog post. However, with the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, many families are finding themselves trying to make decisions about returning to school, or virtual school. Which, loosely translated, is akin to homeschool. As a mother who has homeschooled for years, I have a [...]

Let me clarify…

Clarity. It is the one thing most often missing in communication. We believe we have effectively communicated only to find out later, we were misunderstood. Our hurt was mistaken for anger. Our concern was mistaken for judgment. Our passion was mistaken for reckless pursuit. And, in return, we misunderstand the communication that is given back [...]