This word came to mind as I sat in a brown leather recliner in my husband’s office. Sanctuary.

The office isn’t large and it isn’t small. It’s a fair and cozy size. Outfitted with a pair of recliners, a small desk, and a couple of bookcases. A typical office with walls of ivy green and one a golden hue. Very tranquil and inviting.

The only sound infiltrating my thoughts is that of the hum of the computer fan. The noise from outdoors is minimal. All is quiet. And here in the quietness, my thought is simply sanctuary.

This quiet, this peace, is what my soul searches for when my days are hectic. I want to sit and listen. I want to relish in the silence and speak to God, waiting for Him to speak in return. I want His direction, His peace, His love, His correction, and His gentle embrace.

Sanctuary – where I go to sit with Him and abide in His presence, His word open before me, my ears tuned to hear.

It need not be outfitted as my husband’s office. In fact, I can sit on the front porch, a tree stand in the forest, a swing beneath the trees, or in the local coffee shop. Sanctuary isn’t about the location. No, it is more about the posture of my heart. When my heart is bowed, then I can find my sanctuary.

Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth.” Psalm 73:25