I love sunshine and being outdoors. One of my go to happy places is my yard. I love mowing grass, weeding, messing around in the chicken coop, and working in the garden beds.

This past weekend I spent many hours doing just that. We have a drainage area that runs alongside the yard. It was heavily overgrown with weeds. I thought of it as the snake haven. Since my Great Pyrenees makes a regular habit of crossing through it, I thought it was time to clean it up and scare off any unwanted snakes.

As I was cleaning it up I began to think about how our life is like this ditch at times. No one is perfect, so we all find weeds of sin popping up in our life. At times, they can just be pulled up and tossed out.

Other times, our lives get overgrown with a multitude of things that create an inviting place for the enemy to hide.

I thought of how I was putting out this effort to clean up my yard and get rid of the unwanted snakes. The weeds, in places, were over 3-feet high. I had let it go too long.

Sometimes God has to come in and do the weed tending for us. We have failed to remove those things that led us astray opting instead to bring in more destructive objects behind it. As a Master Gardner, He comes in and clears everything out.

It can be painful. It can take time. It can be impactful on the things around it. But in the end, when the weeds are cut down, what was hiding beneath is revealed. The snakes run. The area is ready for a new start.

I don’t know what your garden looks like today. Maybe it is flourishing and the weeds are few. However, if you find your garden is overrun, suffocating beneath knee-high weeds and an infestation of snakes, turn to the Master Gardner.