Small groups don’t magically happen. It is not the Field of Dreams. Just because you start a group doesn’t mean people will come. You have to invite. You have to recruit.

I am not very outgoing. Especially if I do not know someone well. I really have to make an effort, so when I hear recruit, I cringe!

How do you recruit someone to your small group?

This is a question I have thought about in-depth. It is a very important question to be able to answer. And, after much thought I believe I found that answer.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse!

Not a chance to win a million dollars, get free pizza for life, or get free college tuition (anyone need their vaccine?), but something that makes them want to be a part of your small group.

What would that be, you ask? The opportunity to build authentic relationships and make a life-changing impact on the community around them. The opportunity to grow in personal relationship with Christ. The opportunity to be held accountable to others, apply truth to your life in a supportive environment, and to uphold the mission and vision of your local church.

If that isn’t enough, share with them the opportunities that will be available to minister to a community in need through serving projects. Or the chance to share the gospel with your community through share projects! Perhaps what they want to hear about is the way small groups have impacted those in the group, or how they can learn to use their spiritual gifts in a safe environment.

Small groups have so much to offer. They meet needs. They impact the neighborhoods and communities around them. They build Great Commission lifestyles in the attendees. They engage members in spiritual growth.

So, recruit! Tell people what small groups have done, are doing, and will be doing! Build momentum and excitement for how God is working in the church through small groups. Build excitement for how God is moving in you, through you, through others, and out into the community at large.

If you do that, you won’t have to make a sale, they will be begging to get involved. Who wouldn’t want to join God where He is at work?