Lean in.

There is a whisper on the wind. I can’t quite make out the words but I listen intently.

There is the quickening of my pulse as excitement builds in my heart. Although I cannot yet clearly make out the words, I recognize the voice.

My heart stirs. I lean in.

As I lean in, focus, and push past my fear, I can understand the whisper. I know who calls.

Will I obey or hide in fear? Will I push past the anxiety and what-ifs, or shrink back? Will I obey the voice of the Master or the voice of man?

The voice of man will lead me astray, but keep me comfortable – without confrontation and questioning.

The voice of the Master may lead me out into deep waters, out of my comfort zone, into the place of questioning, opposition, confrontation.

Will I take the road less traveled or the well-worn path?

The road less traveled will require more work, less companions, and rough terrain. Yet it also includes greater joy, intimacy with the Master, and greater fulfillment.

The well-worn path will give me many companions, an easy road, and a life of distraction. Yet it also includes broken fellowship, more regret, and unfulfilled living.

Put that way, the choice seems easy. But in the busyness of life it is simple to slip into the well worn ways.

I am called to the road less traveled. I have already met some opposition. I know more waits. I refuse to choose more companions, less stress, and an easier road for the sake of my comfort.

I am called to the road less traveled. I am called to serve. I am called to go. I am called to make a difference. And I will answer.

“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Matthew 7:14