Been there…

Oh, friend. Do you have any idea what it is like to feel invisible? Like a failure? Like you just can’t reach your potential?

Been there…

Do you long for the day when others stop looking at your mistakes and failures and start noticing the work that God is doing in your life?

Been there…

Do you wish that you had a place to serve? A chance to make a difference? An opportunity to walk into what you know God is calling you towards?

Been there…

It’s just a season, my friend. It’s a just a brief moment in this life of ours.

Sometimes waiting is our place to be. Sometimes waiting is where we learn to truly discern what God is seeking from us apart from the expectation of ourselves (and others).

It is in the waiting that we can hear the call to move forward, or step back; take a new direction, or stay where we are, resting in the assurance it is in His timing.

And sometimes in the waiting is where others begin to see that we are genuine. We are not trying to lead in areas we have not been called. That what they have heard, is inaccurate. That what they sensed, was only their own fear. That what they thought they were discerning, was only the voice of the enemy trying to oppose us through those we care about most.

So, don’t give up. God is still working. Perhaps, in the waiting is where you will find your most growth, reach your most potential, or find your greatest satisfaction. And in the waiting is where you may sense your most gracious love towards the One who is creating this journey of your life.

If you have been there…waiting,,,know that it is temporary. You are not forgotten. Life is not passing you by. In fact, you may be in the very place God intends for you to be. Walk in it. Enjoy it. Find His presence there and be content.

Refuse to live in the “what-if” and “if-only” thinking. Instead, dwell in the place you are. Open your eyes to the possibilities, the opportunities, and the ministry that is before you.

Don’t miss what God has given you now because you long for what is ahead. Today is important. Let God use you where you are, in the place you find yourself, with the people you are surrounded by.

Find a place to serve and see how God uses you where your are.

“I have rejoiced in the way of Your testimonies, as much as in all riches. I will meditate on Your precepts and regard Your ways. I shall delight in Your statutes; I shall not forget Your word.” (Psalm 119:14-16, NASB)