Purpose. It’s something we all want; a reason to live outside of ourselves.

Oxford dictionary gives this definition of purpose: The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

We live in a culture that is craving purpose. They want something to believe in, to stand for, and to fight for.

As believers in Christ, we have that. We should invest our whole lives in living out the gospel and proclaiming its truth. How we do that may look different for each of us. We will all function in our personality, spiritual giftedness, and the life roles we have; a combination that makes us something valuable, unique, unlike another.

I am also a firm believer that God has designed us each with specific purposes. Some refer to it as a calling. Whatever word you use, the idea is the same. You have been set apart to do something specific.

Doing something specific doesn’t always mean it will be something huge and noticed. It can be as simple as being a godly parent, a loving spouse, or a supportive friend. It may also be more visual such as creating a ministry, becoming an international business person, or fostering relationships that change lives.

At times, being obedient to Christ in following your purpose can create difficulties. Not everyone will be on board with what you are doing. Not everyone will encourage your growth, your change, your pursuit of God in the fashion you are taking. In some cases, people you believed would support you will choose to stand in your way. That is difficult and painful to deal with.

If He has called you to pursue His purpose, do it. People will not always understand. They will misinterpret what you do. They will put limits on how God works, how He functions, and who He chooses to work through. Trust me, there will be plenty of limits put upon you by others. Just be sure that you don’t put any limits on the God you serve.

I am finding this in my own life lately. Limits. When you are convinced of the purpose God has for you, but others start setting limits, it makes you question everything you were previously sure about.

So, I pray again. I ask for clarification, again. I ask for wisdom, again. And when God continues to respond in the same way, I have no choice but to follow Him. How could I not? How could I allow another to limit what God desires to do because it doesn’t fit their idea, their mold, their perspective?

If I’m honest, sometimes the person that stands in my way the most is…me. I put limits on what I believe God can do with me, through me, and for me. I set limits on serving Him based on the perceptions others may have about what I do, my past failures, my past defeats, and fear.

If we all kept silent and allowed God to move as He desired, how much more would happen? How many more lives changed? How many more growing disciples would we see? How much more work being accomplished for the kingdom…

God, I am not my own. I am bought with a price – the price of Christ’s precious blood, His very life. Do not allow me to stand in the way of what you choose to do through me or others. And, in the same way, remove those from my path that are obstacles to me. Allow me to never take to heart negativity, critical or harsh words, or attitudes that prevent me from following after you. I am yours. All I have is yours. Use it all. I give it to you.