All is drab and grey – lifeless, and without meaning.

Provoking little thought as we carry on. Unsure what comes next. Day, after day, after day. Seeking solitude in the mundane.

We are dead inside and yet do not know it. We live for tomorrow, though there is nothing to celebrate there.

A shift. Color breaks through. A light in the darkness. Vivid hues of boldness. A welcome distraction. A new horizon to view. It calls to us. We seek it willingly, wanting a taste of more.

How long have we been without color? How long trapped in bleak winter? How long walking through life without thought? How long without consideration for another, for truth, for love?

Our attention is captured by the beauty of the scene. Such color had not flooded our mind previously. Such wonder had not captured our thought. And yet here it is. Glorious rapture through color and sound.

We have heard the good news and accept its truth. And something breaks within us. Our chains dissolve. We are set free. Our wings unfurl and we rise. Color has spread throughout. Our world has changed. We walk in freedom.

New life has come. Color has emerged. Beauty is born.

We see vividly. We walk with purpose. We move with urgency. We speak with power. We are bold. We are brave. We are free.

And we begin to spread color to those living in the bleakness. Our color replenishes as we spread it amongst the waiting. The painter creates the pattern. The brush merely strokes the canvas before it.

Christ, the creator of color, is painting a beautiful picture. He prepares the canvas and uses His brushes, His people, to spread the color across the dreary landscape. As he brought color into your life, He uses you to bring color to others. Allow the painter to work through you to change the landscape around you.

“For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities – all things have been created though Him and for Him.”Colossians 1:16