I have often wondered which direction to go in my life. “Should I do this or that? Take that job or this one?” My number one question: “What do you want me to do, Lord? _______ or ______?”

I have probably wasted more time than necessary trying to find the right thing, the perfect thing, the thing that I will not fail at.

Analysis paralysis is what I call it. I can analyze a decision, a comment, an interaction, a passage, a thought, to the point that I can’t make a move forward.

In reality, what God wants is a heart tuned to Him. A heart that is willing to follow, not lead. A heart that is humble, not arrogant. A heart that cries for more of Him, less of self. A heart that is passionate about His grace and mercy, not filled with self-righteousness. A heart that is obedient, even when it doesn’t have all the answers, is unsure, is lacking confidence, and is fighting fear.

Asking for direction from God is not wrong, in fact it is wise (Proverbs 3:5). The problem comes when we get the mentality that God will answer by opening every single door, wide open, no obstacles, no push back from anything or anyone, and with all the questions answered before hand.

If you read the gospels, you find that Jesus always met obstacles. He always had a door in His way, a Pharisee in His path, a seemingly impossible miracle to perform. His way was not easy and trouble free. And we find the writers of Scripture often had questions that went unanswered. Yet, they moved ahead in faith (*See Hebrews 11 for plenty of detail!).

We have to expect the same – unanswered questions and obstacles. That’s why we walk by faith and not sight.

So, let me encourage you. Keep praying for God’s wisdom and direction, but don’t stop walking. Don’t gaze at the sky and wonder when the hedges will split open giving clear sight to the finish line. Just keep walking forward. Listen to the Spirit. Expect some obstacles. Expect some unanswered questions. Most importantly, walk in faith.