Broken People – Broken World

Brokenness. The focal point of each life.

It started in the garden; reaching its spindly roots throughout history and touching each person.

Each life, affected differently, finds itself in the clutches of darkness. Freedom only revealed when the light of Christ breaks though.

Although freedom offers release from darkness, wounds and scars remain. Brokenness is still present. Not just in each person, but in the world at large.

Christ offers life. Christ offers freedom. Christ offers healing. Yet, we are still human, still broken, still imperfect.

And so, we find ourselves in a broken world, with broken people just like us.

Our interactions with others cause pain and the pain reminds us of our broken state within a broken world.

We wonder what we are to do…is there hope?

Brokenness is all around us. It is within us, but it shouldn’t define us.

If we are believers in Christ, we are not controlled by our brokenness. We are merely broken people, controlled by Christ when we allow ourselves to be led by His spirit.

Hello, friend. Let me introduce myself. I am broken, but I am loved by wholeness. I am imperfect, but I am loved by perfection. I am sinful, but I am loved by righteousness. I am broken – it is true. But Christ is mending me and making me whole again.