Ghostober not October

October. The month of falling leaves, pumpkins, and Halloween.

The month where people start to think about goblins, witches, and, most of all ghosts.

Ghosts. Spirits of the dead. And October seems to be the month when speaking and thinking about ghosts is acceptable.

In fact, it is a time when people begin to wonder, “Are ghosts real?” And to that I would say, “Yes!”

Don’t roll your eyes or assume you know what I am about to say. Just keep reading…

If a ghost is a reminder of something that at one time was alive, and now is dead, than we can all agree we have seen a ghost. Possibly, by the end of this post, you may agree that part of you may function in a ghostly way at times.

Those who are believers in Christ can all agree that at times we falter in our faith. We fall short of where we should be. We become sidetracked by our sinful behaviors. We begin to feed our flesh and allow our spiritual self to suffer and starve. And, if we are not careful, we can allow our spirit to become virtually nonexistent.

In the loosest sense, our spiritual self becomes a ghost – a nearly dead replication of the living being it once was.

What we need to do is feed our spirit with the word of God and starve our sinful flesh. It is the flesh we should want to operate as ghostly and our spirit which we should desire to thrive.

Ephesians 6:10-18 tells us how we can operate in the power of the Spirit and resist the sinful nature and schemes of the devil. By doing this, we will see our fleshly nature shrink and our spirit grow.