What do you really want?

In June this year, Andy Stanley preached a 4-part series on getting what we really want out of life. I listened with interest.

He was spot on about one thing, often we think we want something, only to find out after we get it that we didn’t want it at all.

The truth is, according to Stanley, we all have natural wants – those things we want immediately, such as a person, an object, or desire. Yet, behind those are our real wants – something based on values, like belonging, acceptance, etc.

So true. We purchase on credit so we can get something we want, like a new t.v., new outfit, boat, or car, only to realize a few months later we don’t even use the item. In fact, a newer model or style came out and now that is our new want.

Ugh! And so we find ourselves on the search once again to fill some desire.

The series explains it much better than this short blog, so I encourage you to find the podcast and listen.

However, I want to state this small truth. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can bring lasting satisfaction to our soul and spirit outside of Christ. Those desires we are trying to fill with a person or object are simply holes that only a Creator can fill. The significance, longing, unconditional love, acceptance, and purpose can only be met through the One who created you.

So, go ahead and eat the third ice cream, buy the seventh new outfit, purchase the second car, buy the bigger house that stretches your budget too thin, and max out your credit card on the “stuff.” Just know that it will never satisfy, and in fact, will leave you emptier than you were prior to the purchase…and probably in a lot more debt which brings heavier burdens, more regret, and lots of pain. In fact, what you thought you wanted will actually prove to be something you definitely did not need.

When the spending, the regret, the search for more, the desire, the lust, and the hurt has left you broken and in the pit, look up. Jesus will be there with his hand outstretched. Jesus will be there offering you another chance. Jesus will be there, in the pages of Scripture, speaking the truth you need. He will be the one telling you how to live the right way. He will be directing you to true fulfillment.