Prayer changes things.

My last post focused on the fact that Nehemiah refused to be distracted by the enemy. He kept working towards what he had been called to do.

But there is another important aspect to the story of Nehemiah that should be looked at. Though he met the enemy at multiple turns, he faced the enemy by calling out to God.

Nehemiah was a person of prayer. Everything he did was bathed in prayer. Wow! That convicts me. Although I know prayer is powerful, at times I seem to forget that and run to other things first.

Nehemiah teaches us a powerful lesson about prayer. It should be the first thing we do when we face difficulties. We should pour our concerns, worries, problems, and our praises out to God in prayer. Then, we let it go and keep living in obedience to Him.

Prayer changes things. Once we understand that, it will be easier to lay it all down in prayer and move forward with God.