With wings like eagles…

Have you ever gone for a run? Some people really love to run. Others tolerate it for the health benefits. And then there are those who hate running all together.

Regardless of which group you put yourself in, we call all agree that running takes a toll. You wear out. You get tired. It would be nice to sprout eagle wings and fly rather than run.

Isaiah 40:31 says this, “Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.”

I wish I was standing before you and could ask for a show of hands, “Who here feels like they are getting tired, weary, and losing strength trying to live in this crazy world?”

I imagine many hands being raised. Some faces have gathering tears in their eyes. Some hang their head down as they raise their hands. Others raise two hands and wave.

I get it, church. We are growing tired as if we have been running a long race. But there is a promise here that we cannot miss. The Lord never grows weary or tired. He is always waiting, watching, listening.

It seems like every church in our country is fighting a battle right now. There is growing argument about following government recommendations – we should obey authority, we should not obey this authority.

Can I just say that I don’t care about anyone’s opinion? I care about what God clearly says in His word. Yet even that is being argued.

Let me speak boldly and with whatever authority I may have in Christ – we still have a mission. We still have a purpose. We cannot get distracted with our petty theories and opinions. We cannot get distracted with our westernized thinking which demands our rights and our freedoms.

Let’s refocus here. Our job is tell a watching world about the hope found in Christ. Nothing else. If you can’t worship our living Savior, can’t testify of His goodness, can’t point lost souls to Christ the problem runs deeper than rebelling against a government. It is a heart issue that cannot be resolved by removing restrictions, or masks.

So FOCUS, church.


Stop getting distracted. There are millions of confused, desperate, scared, anxious, hopeless, lost people watching what we do. If we are fighting over petty things, if we are rebelling against authority, if we are calling our other brothers and sisters in Christ names, and fighting among ourselves…we look foolish to the world. We lose our influence. And, shamefully, we show the world that we are no different than they are and have nothing to offer them.

Yes, we are tired. But He will renew our strength. I think especially of Pastors who are dealing with these issues. Do not lose heart men of God. If you are patient and do not quit, He will renew your strength. Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your eyes on Christ. He is worth the fight every single time. He is worth standing up for. He is worth defending. And He is worth every bit of sweat, tears, and blood that you have to give to get the gospel to the world as you run this race.

I am praying for you. I am standing with you. I will fight the good fight and keep offering Christ to those in need. He is the only answer to a desperate world. Let’s not forget that!