Anything but that!

This is hard for me to admit, but I have had some limitations in my life when it comes to God. You know what I mean, right? Those things we automatically decide we will never do, and God would never ask because He knows we don’t want to do them. Am I the only one?

This is an area God has been hitting me hard in recently. My areas that are off limits. Which, in all honesty, until recently I didn’t even realize I had off limit areas. It comes to light quickly, however, when you start asking God to reveal Himself, His wishes, His desires, where He is working, where you can join Him in His work, and to point out areas in your life that need fixing. Probably because He answers our prayers (btw never ask for patience!).

It’s been a process for me. It’s humbling to realize that you have made serving God more about you than about Him. We all do it from time to time. We get into the habit of asking God to show us what His will is for OUR life, instead of just to show us His will. We are concerned about where we fit in the big picture. We want Him to reveal our path. We want Him to use us, but only in the ways we desire to be used (crickets chirping), only in ways we feel adequate to be used (even the crickets have stopped chirping…total silence). We ask Him to use us, call us, open doors for us to serve Him, and then give Him a list of acceptable ways for Him to do it.

Guilty. So very guilty.

Anyone who knows me well, knows a few of those things I have set out of bounds. Those areas that I don’t like, don’t feel adequate, don’t feel confident, don’t feel able. “God, you can use me here, but not over here. Anything but that!”

And guess what. When we do that, He may choose not to use us at all. Why would He? We have proven we will choose disobedience. We will choose selfishness. We will choose pride. We choose to remain in control of our circumstances, our outcomes, our abilities.

But here is something I KNOW about my God. He wants to use us in those places we keep off limits. Why? Because when He does, there is no question as to who brought the result. It’s not that I did something great, it is totally ALL God. The times I say, “Never!” God says, “Join me here, today.” When I say, “I don’t belong in this place,” God says, “I am working here. Join me.” The times I say, “I’m not gifted,” God says, “It is my power at work in you.” The areas I say, “This is outside of my expertise,” God says, “I am all-knowing. Leave it to me. Be obedient.”

If you listen, if you pay attention, if you are available, if you are open, God will show you where He is moving and offer you the opportunity to get involved with Him. It won’t only be in the areas you feel confident. It won’t always be in ways you are familiar. It won’t always be in things that you are drawn to, but be willing to say, “Yes, Lord. I will do as you ask.” And see what He will do through you.