You Are Welcome Here

Being real in today’s world is kind of hard. We are constantly bombarded with pictures that show perfection, twitter posts that make life seem so grand, or spiritual meme’s that make it look like others have an untouchable relationship with God. In a world of social media where perfection is always portrayed, this can make us feel sub-par, less than, unaccepted, unloved, and unworthy.

Can we just be REAL? Can we just admit that we struggle. We aren’t perfect. We have flaws. We make mistakes. We choose wrong. We pretend. We want to be “okay” so much that sometimes we live in a false bubble.

Look, it is okay to not be perfect. Just don’t sit in your imperfections. Don’t sit in your flaws and make excuses. Work on that stuff! Just don’t pretend that you have it all together.


Authentic means someone is genuine. That is where I am aiming. That is the goal. I want to be authentic with those I come in contact with. Authentic doesn’t mean I share every ugly detail of my existence – my pain, my hurt, my frustration, my sin.

Authentic means I am the same person I am at home that I am at church, at work, at the store, at the DMV (which, we all know can be difficult). I think you get it.

For those wondering, I am NOT perfect. I am NOT flawless. I am NOT always happy, together, or with it. I struggle.

But I am FREE. I don’t have to live in those struggles. I know who to run to. I know who I am in Christ. Do I sometimes forget? Yes. And I have to be reminded.

This is my invitation to you. I invite you into my mess. I invite you into the dialogue of my life. Why? Because I am fairly sure that we have much of it in common. You are welcome here. You matter here. And, I truly believe that God shows up in our messes. He cares about our mess as much as He cares about us.

And, at least for me, I need interaction with others to flesh out reality. I can easily fold into myself and get caught up in irrational thinking. I can quickly believe things that aren’t my present reality. I need others to come along and pull me out of myself as much as they need the same from me.

So, you are welcome here. You are welcome into my mess. You are welcome into my life. Let’s do kingdom stuff together. The hot messes that we are, realizing God is working on, in, and through our imperfections to create something beautiful. The world needs our authenticity. Our community, our church, our job, our school, our family – they all need our authentic imperfections so they can see Christ at work.

I’m not perfect, it’s true…but I know One who is and He is working on me and in me.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. ~ Phil. 1:6