Let it be beautiful.

Sometimes we have to be reminded that we are here, on this planet, for a purpose. At times, days can run together, life can drag on, and moments of pain can interject themselves into the fabric of our life. It can make us feel lost, without purpose, without reason to go on.

If we are not careful, we can find ourselves trudging beneath a heavy burden. We can find ourselves resisting the struggles, resisting the tough times, the ugly scenarios, the moments of weakness.

It’s human to resist. It’s human to long for peace and tranquility. It’s human to want things to go our way. It’s easy to want life to be easy.

But Jesus made it clear from the beginning – a life following Him would be steeped in moments of heavy weight, crushing burdens, and flowing tears. Not because He isn’t good, but because that is how we grow.

Those bitter and awful moments, whether through His gentle hands or the result of our own sinfulness, become the catalyst for change. They are a pruning of who we are in order to make us who we are meant to be.

We can’t stay where we are and get different results. In order for something to blossom, it has to be pruned – with a sharp knife and the cutting away of some beautiful blossoms, bountiful leaves, and the removal of the brittle and broken.

It’s done gently, with compassion, with growth in mind, with an eye on the future beauty that will arrive in time.

In the moment, it seems harsh. It seems unfair. It seems unlikely that any good will come forth. It seems as if this will kill us and nothing beautiful will ever emerge from our spirit again.

But wait, dear one. It’s not the end. This is a brief moment in time. It will pass. You will begin to blossom again and your growth will be phenomenal. The lesson learned in the dark will be used to bring the light to others suffering.

If you can trust the hand of the pruner.

If you can resist the urge to fight.

If you can take comfort in the knowledge that your change is coming.

And I believe that you can.

I don’t know what is being pruned in you. I only know this – change is coming. Let it be for His glory and let it be beautiful.

John 15:1-2