Victim or Victor?

Victim = one that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent.

Joseph. A 17 year old kid, hated by his brothers. His father’s favorite son, which undoubtedly, played into the hatred and jealousy the others felt for him.

I know, I know. I just blogged about Joseph a week ago. I should move to something else but God keeps bringing this story back to me. I have to believe there is a reason. I’ve been searching for what He is trying to get across to me. Reading, re-reading, asking for clarity. I think I finally figured it out.

Joseph found himself to be a victim. He was thrown into a pit. Hated and abused. Sold into slavery. Falsely accused. Thrown in prison. Yet he did not turn his back on God. He did not doubt that God was worth following.

Too often we throw around the term “victim.” Yes, many have been victimized. But do we have the right to sit in victimization forever? Do we have the right to blame all our poor choices, our lack of self-control, discipline, compassion, care, or generosity on our victimization? Should we continue to make excuses for the wrong we do by blaming it on the past abuses perpetrated against us? Should we continue to victimize others out of our hurt and wrongly believe our victimization makes it okay? Joseph didn’t and he had every right to do so.

And this is what God was showing ME. The enemy is very good at making me “feel” things that aren’t true. And in the midst of those “feelings” he brings up my past victimization. I’m somehow entitled to my “issues” because of being a victim. No, I am not. And neither are you.

And why? Because God is the author of my life and my story. He did not create the evil done against me, but He can certainly use it for His good and His glory IF I will let Him.

Joseph never saw himself as a victim. He saw himself as a victor. God used the evil done against Joseph to bring a victory – an entire nation was saved. It took years for the dots to connect in Joseph’s story. Maybe it will take years in my story, in your story, before we see God working those things for good in us and through us. That is up to God.

This I do know. It’s time to step out of the “victim” seat and step onto the victors platform. The longer I stay a victim, the longer the enemy has control…and frankly, I’m done listening to his voice.

Victor = one that defeats and enemy of opponent .

Genesis 37-45

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