Untitled…feels like the story of my life sometimes. It cannot be summed up with a title or a description. It changes often and is thrown back and forth by the whim of others expectations, my own expectations, sin, faith, confusion…

Those who say they are secure, have no doubts, live in constant control and faith…liars. Sounds rude to say but if we could just be honest with ourselves and each other, we would all agree that we struggle. Without struggle we would live a life of perfection, and, last time I checked there was only one person capable of that. His name was Jesus and He is currently not physically living on the earth.

There are a few things I know for certain. Regardless of how I view my life, or how you view your life, God views it differently. He sees the big picture. He has a plan and purpose. He is striving to fulfill those things in the life of those who call themselves His.

My life has been a jumble of stories. Some good. Some bad. Some painful. Some joyful. Woven together it creates a beautiful masterpiece that no one else could replicate. It was meant for me. I don’t always like the story I am living in but I know that it is mine.

You may view my story from the outside and condemn how I live it, how I react to it, how I interact with the other characters, but you have your own story to live. You were not meant to live my story. You were meant to live yours. If you have an encouragement, a direction, a guidance, or you want to come alongside me with hope, you are welcome to be a character. And, I hope that I can be a character in your life story.

We need each other. Now more than ever. It’s okay to disagree, but let’s not let it destroy our mission, our unity, our mutual love for each other.

“And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common;” ~ Acts 2:44