The Promise

God’s Word is full of promises. We love those promises. We love to quote those verses and feel encouragement at the hope they provide. We love to relish in the thought that we will receive those things. And God is faithful, yet, we often fail to put the promise in its proper context.

We can find anything we want in God’s Word to support our view. BUT if we have taken it out of context we have misrepresented the truth.

One we have all heard, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

Really? You can do all things? So, if I say this enough, with enough belief, it will happen? Can I really run a 3 minute mile? Can I drop 50 lbs. by next weekend? The passage says I can. What if is doesn’t happen? Did God lie? Is His Word false?

No. His Word is not false. We have taken this passage out of context to encourage us and make us think we will achieve something we may not be able to achieve.

In context this passage is talking about contentment. Being content in all circumstances  – no more and no less. It is not about pumping ourselves up to an achievement. It’s about trusting God and being joyful with little or much.

We live in a microwave world – we want everything to be quick, hot, and ready at our fingertips. We want #encouragement #destiny #prosperity in a sentence phrase we can cling to.

Knowing God’s Word requires work. It requires time. Memorizing Scripture is great, but it you don’t understand it, if you are using it out of context, applying it incorrectly, does that really help or does it confuse?

I’m passionate about God’s Word, discipleship, and spiritual maturity in believer’s. I want more growth in my life and I want to see those around me grow. How can this happen? How do we encourage spiritual growth in others? Prayer is obviously the starting place. What intentional things can be done outside of merely offering spiritual growth opportunities?

I’d love to hear your ideas. I have my ideas but I really want to invest in conversation with others and talk it out. Start sharing….I’m listening.

One thought on “The Promise

  1. I think offering spiritual growth comes in the form of doing life with the right people. Knowing that no matter what we are able to reach out and be there in any circumstance or happenstance. This is why I thank God for people like you that he has placed for me to do life with!!! Love you and your words