The God of plans

Seek the God of the plans and not the plan itself.

This particular phrase has been hitting the mark in my life over and over lately.  Yet, this is not a new idea. Scripture plainly tells us in Proverbs 16:9, “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.”

We are all guilty. We seek the plan. We want to move forward, to be bold, to accomplish. We get a brief glimpse of God’s direction for our life and pick it up and run with it. Often, we run off trail and end up in a different direction than He intended.

Ambition is a great thing. It pushes us to do more than we thought was possible. It drives us to meet goals and deadlines. It motivates. Ambition misdirected however, can create all kinds of distraction and disaster in our lives.

I am speaking to myself. I am a very ambitious person. Show me where I am headed, and I will run full-speed and get there as quickly as possible.

I make plans. I write down steps to accomplish the goal, the mission, the project. And, often once I see a glimpse of where God is leading, I take off and start seeking the plan instead of the plan maker.

Letting this truth sink in (that I need to seek the God of the plan and not the plan) and knowing that He directs every step and has prepared a path for me gives me freedom.  It allows me to breathe, to slow down, to worship. I don’t have to do it. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I don’t have to make things happen. God does. I just need to seek Him and obey. It goes back to faith.

Faith that pleases God chooses to know and obey God’s Word regardless of feelings, circumstances, or cultural pressures.

Faith is a choice. When we take over the plan and start manipulating it to our ways, we are failing to live by faith. We are not trusting God. We are believing that we know a quicker route, a shorter path, a smoother trail. We are living in fear.

Faith says, “I know what God says in His Word. I choose to obey. I choose to stop forcing the plan and start walking in the path laid before me.”

That’s where God is leading me. To choose faith and not fear. To trust that God knows exactly where He is taking me and in what time frame. To be still an know that He is God and His plan will succeed. This is never about my plan. It is always about His plan. And His plan is always the best plan!


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