Though He slay me

I have been reading the book of Job for the past couple weeks and this portion of Scripture sticks out: Though He slay me, I will hope in Him. Nevertheless I will argue my ways before Him. (Job 13:15, NASB).

I love this so very much! It tells me two important things. First, that God is worth putting my trust in. Regardless of what may appear on the horizon. Even if what appears is terrifying, tragic, senseless, or confusing, God is still worth putting all my trust in. Second, it tells me that I can question Him. I can ask why. I can approach Him with my confusion. I still need to respect who He is but He can handle my questions.

Often, it is when you find that He is all you have left to cling to, that you will find He is all you need. When you face the unknown and panic hits, it is Him who can bring calm. When you struggle with what is happening, He is the peace. I cannot explain it.

I have often watched others go through struggles and wondered, “If that were to happen to me, how would I handle it?” In all honesty, I am not sure you fully know until you are there, dealing with it, in the middle of the struggle.

Despite all the loss, pain, and suffering that Job dealt with, he kept his faith in God. He knew who was in control. I long to have that kind of faith. The type of resolve that refuses to be shaken.

When I started reading Job a few weeks ago I thought, “What does God have in store for me? Why is He directing me to study this book?”  This week has been trying for me and I have had to face a few things that have shaken me, yet this one verse is on repeat in my brain…and has been long before my week began. For that, I am thankful. I won’t lie, I go back and forth between peace and panic, but I refuse not to trust in God. He IS my comfort and though He slay me, I WILL hope in Him!