Independence or In dependence?

Is that even grammatically correct? Independence or in dependence?

No. It’s not. I hope it grabbed your attention, however, because the use of poor grammar is for a point. And here it is:

Are you living your life with independence, or are you living in dependence on God?

We value independence in our culture. We all want to live our lives the way we desire without recourse or reprimand. We don’t want to be held to expectations. We don’t want to live up to any set of standards outside our own. We don’t like rules. We don’t like to be given critique or instruction. To make it worse, we have created a culture that is afraid to set standards because they may offend. And, my friend, that creates a life of independence from everything and everyone, including God.

What we should be doing is living in dependence on God. We cannot live this life effectively, in a way that brings glory to God, on our own power and strength. We have to live in faith, dependent on the Spirit of God.

Short and simple. Live life dependent on Him. Stop being so independent. We need people committed to the call and voice of the Lord instead of themselves. We need people focused on making Him known and His name great. We need leaders who will lead with the Spirit and not be afraid to challenge their followers to dependence mode living.

James 3:13-18