Because of persistence…

I have been focusing on prayer lately. It is a topic often overlooked. When prayer is mentioned our minds fly to being thankful for a meal or bedtime tuck-in. I guess those count, but I am talking about serious, soul-searching, heavy praying. The kind you wake up early or stay up late to do. The kind that means the battle lines are drawn and you are waging war. And believe me, if you choose to pray serious, life-changing prayers, you will be in a battle. The enemy will fight with you and he fights ugly.

We need more warriors. We need more people drawn to pray for the things of God. we need people who will battle in prayer with the Word of God at their side. Change won’t happen without it. And, we need people who will pray until the answer comes. Even if it takes a lifetime.

Prayer isn’t just communication with God, it is asking Him to intervene in our lives and the lives of others. He wants us to communicate with Him. He wants us to ask.

Luke 11 deals with prayer.  And not just prayer, but with results. This jumped out at me recently. We cannot pray occasionally. We must pray continually. It is ongoing. Persistence in prayer is how things change.

Luke 11:8 “…because of his persistence…”

We don’t pray for something one time, then give up because there is no immediate answer. We continually pray. We keep asking, seeking, knocking. Persistence pays off. And, just because we don’t get the answer we want, doesn’t mean it was left unanswered.

How many prayers have been left unanswered because we gave up praying? How many lives left untouched because we did not want to battle? I don’t want the enemy to steal my children away, to kill my love for others, or destroy my church. So I will fight, on my knees until I have a breakthrough. I will fight until those I fight for can fight for themselves, and even then. I will fight in the battle with persistence and I expect God will meet me there.