Becoming Who I am

I am always amazed at how God can orchestrate things in life. Divine intervention I call it. We, people, work so hard at making things happen. We focus on doing. In truth, when we focus on doing, we overlook being. We have put the cart in front of the horse.

We need to be less focused on doing things for Him and more focused on being who He called us to be. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the truth is, God doesn’t need us. He can accomplish all His purposes without our help. I am not sure where we get the idea that He needs us to intervene on His behalf. He is quite capable without us. Yet, He chooses to use us, small and imperfect as we are.

I have spun my wheels before trying to do things without focusing on who I was becoming. I have tired of doing. It produces lackluster results. It produces a life lived in personal power.

Instead, I choose to focus on being. Being who God has called and created me to be. I choose to follow His leading and guidance. I may not fit the expectation of man, in fact, I seldom do, but I am aiming to please God. This produces a life lived in spiritual power.

I hope that is every person’s prayer! Focus on being. Focus on being who God has called you to be. Stop trying to fit into some idealistic mold. Stop trying to please people. Focus on being a person who loves God and loves people. Focus on being real and genuine. Focus on speaking truth where truth should be spoken.  Focus on knowing God’s word and focus on obeying God’s word.

Can I just be honest, I see this reversal a lot. I speak out of personal experience, but I also speak out of observation. We need to stop doing things for God when we are using it as a replacement for being who He has called us to be. Doing cannot replace becoming.

It’s a little like fixing up an old car. You can paint the outside of that thing and make it look new, but it still won’t run. It just looks good. In order for things to be right, you have to get under the hood. Doing things for God is like painting the old car. To others, you look good but how are you running? When you focus on being you fix up the engine. Others may look at you and think you don’t amount to much, but man judges the appearance while God judges the heart.

When you focus on being who God has called you to be you will find that spot in the body of Christ where you fit. You will find the task(s) that you enjoy and where serving is a pleasure. We all have a part in the body. Start being who God called you to be! (Ephesians 4:11-16)