How busy is too busy?

School has started back.

Summer fun is over.

It’s back to early mornings, homework, extracurricular activities.

It’s also the season for getting too busy. I have never understood the concept of filling up every ounce of free time with extra things to do. My life is hectic enough with daily living. I don’t want to include a bunch of extras.

It’s hard to address this topic without someone getting offended. So, let me start by saying this post isn’t addressed to any one person. It’s addressed to us all. Including me.

Our most important task is to be about the Father’s business. It’s not about attending as many social events as we can. It’s not about making extra money by working overtime so we can have more stuff. It’s not about getting our children enrolled in every sport, club, or after school group so they have a great college resume.

Those things are not necessarily bad, but if you find you must sacrifice your relationship with God, your time with Him, in order to keep all your commitments…you are too committed.

Your priority commitment should be to Him. If you have to sacrifice church attendance (Heb. 10:25) to keep extracurricular commitments, you are too busy. If you sacrifice spiritual growth, Bible study, prayer time, etc. for extracurricular, you are too busy.

If you find you have to sacrifice time with your spouse, you are too busy. If your family time is nonexistent unless you are attending an extracurricular event together, you are too busy!

It’s already starting. The first weeks of school and people are dropping their commitments to the Lord and His church in order to be busy. Busy doing the wrong things.

One more thing related to this, family. Protect your family time. Protect time together with your spouse. If you do not protect it, it will evaporate. This does not mean forgo time with God so you can have family time. It means to let go of the extracurricular activities that steal it away.

There have been times we have turned down invitations. We wanted to be a part of the group, but many years ago my spouse and I made a commitment. We wanted to raise our family in a certain way. We wanted family meal times at home. Deep discussions. Spiritual emphasis and growth. We decided not to get our children involved in extracurricular events unless they truly wanted to participate. They had to ask and they had to prove they would be committed. People told us we were wrong. They questioned us. I don’t regret it. It has been beneficial to my children and marriage.

Hear my heart. Stop wasting time on things that are not eternal! I am not saying don’t have fun. I am not saying don’t engage in social activities. I am saying don’t put God in second place in your life.