Do you ever sit and reflect on your life? What you are currently doing, what you would like to be doing, what you wish you had done?

Reflections are a part of our life. They can help us evaluate how we are living out our dreams. They can also kick-start us into action. Reflecting can be good for us. Reflecting can also be bad for us.

When we reflect on Godly things we are wise! We are reminded of God’s faithfulness and how His timing is perfect. We can be encouraged by how He has always been by our side and carried us through difficulties in life. We can also use those reminders to encourage others who may be facing similar situations.

When we reflect on our past failures and sinfulness we open ourselves up to the attacks of the enemy. We are reminded of the times we have neglected our relationship with the Lord and fallen into sin. We feel guilty and shameful. But these reflections on failures and sin do not have to end in defeat. We can remind ourselves that God has forgiven us. We can look at how God brought us through to the other side. We can use these things to guide others on their journey.

So today, I encourage you to reflect! Reflect on the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The joy and the pain, the bitter and the sweet, the lessons learned and the lessons taught. The things that have changed and the things still in the process of being changed. The long night of the soul and the mercy He makes new every morning. The tears you cried alone and those you shared.

Whatever you reflect on, be sure to remember it well. God does not bring us through things so we can stuff them deep and keep them secret. We would like to. I would like to. I don’t want to share my brokenness, but it is with sharing that healing comes. It is with being honest that others grow. It is with the shared joys and pain of life that others learn. It is in knowing you are not alone in the journey that you find the strength to carry on. Your journey is unique from anyone else. You have a story to tell that includes the grace of God. Only you can tell your story in a way that ministers to another. I cannot tell your story and you cannot tell mine! So reflect…keep pressing on in areas God is working, close the doors on the things in the past. Move forward with purpose.

[Romans 8:1 NASB] 1 Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.